New module:

Ford Continental Petrol CAN includes virtual reading/writing/checksums calculation and VBF to BIN decryption, released with following families:

  • Ford Continental EMS2204 TC1738 2MB CAN
  • Ford Continental EMS2205 TC1766 1.46MB CAN
  • Ford Continental EMS2208 TC1767 2MB CAN
  • Ford Continental EMS2211 TC1738 2MB CAN
  • Ford Continental EMS2214/EMS2215 TC1738 2MB CAN
  • Ford Continental EMS24xx TC1791 4MB CAN
  • Ford Continental EMS2510/EMS2511 TC1791 4MB CAN

All families supports writing with update and you can decrypt VBF file to BIN by using special button in BitBox application. For each family VBF will be decrypted and checked for compatibility with selected family!

Fixes and improvements:

  • Bosch MG1/MD1 BENCH added support for some new ECU types:- MD1CE100 (MAN, KAMAZ)
    – MD1CP006 (Ford)
    – MD1CS012 (Kia/Hyundai)
    – and other ECU types which required other TSW.ECU’s after 06/2020 are still not supported cause of new authentication system. For now we found newest BMW, Kia/Hyundai and BRP Rotax with this issue.
  • Fixed and extended identification for GM AC Delco families.
  • Fixed security bug with VBF to BIN available buttons when license is not purchased.
  • Fixed crash when slave subscription expired. Added dongle ID to error message.
  • Extended info for some errors added.

BitEdit new modules:

Bosch ECU catalogue update:

  • We are glad to inform that we updated Bosch ECU catalogue and add 6000+ new records. Now we have 51000+ Bosch numbers in a base and you can easily determine ECU type in you user portal area. Most of new MD1 and MG1 now can be recognized.

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