New modules:

PSA Petrol CAN introduced with following families:

  • PSA Valeo V46.11 SH72544 CAN with reading/writing/checksums calculation
  • PSA Valeo VD46.1 SH72546 CAN with reading/writing/checksums calculation

Module VAZ Petrol CAN now available for purchasing with family:

  • VAZ M86 XC2XXX CAN – virtual read/write/checksums calculation. Supported VAZ/Itelma SWs.

New families:

  • FID353: Subaru Denso Diesel SH72543 BENCH-CAN added to module Denso SH72XXX Bench CAN with reading/writing/checksums calculation
  • Denso Kubota SH72543 (FID:355) added to module Denso SH72XXX BENCH CAN – r/w/cs
  • Denso Kubota ACU SH72531 (FID:356) added to module Denso SH72XXX BENCH CAN- r/w/cs
  • Beta Eldor MCU3.0 MPC5634 (FID: 354) added [FOR TEST] to module Moto/Extreme Eldor – vr/w/cs
  • Honda Keihin ECUs SH72546 with 3.75MB file size added to module Honda/Acura CAN – r/w/cs
  • Honda Hitachi ECUs R7F701202 with 4.0MB file size added to module Honda/Acura CAN – r/w/cs
  • Bosch MG1CS047 and MD1CE108 added to module Bosch MG1/MD1 BENCH – r/w/cs

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed checksums calculation for new softwares of GM ACDelco E98
  • Bosch ME17.8.5 added support for more ECU variations
  • Kia/Hyundai Sim2K-25x/26x improved password gathering during writing
  • Added support for Toyota Denso Gen1 CAN ECUs with 76F0050 MCU
  • Module MV Agusta Eldor now renamed to Moto/Extreme Eldor
  • Fixed writing speed of some ECUs in module MMC Mitsubishi Petrol CAN
  • Improved writing, added recovery (only calibration area) for SPC58 in module Bosch MG1/MD1 BENCH CAN
  • Fixed non-licensed identification for GPEC2 BSL families. Now its disabled without license

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