New families:

  • [Unique] Toyota Denso R7F701216 Type 3 BENCH CAN added to module Toyota Denso Gen3 CAN. Supports Toyota with M15AFXS and M15AFKS engines – reading/writing on the bench and checksums calculation
  • Kia/Hyundai Delphi DCM6.2AP CAN BSL added to module Kia/Hyundai Diesel CAN, supports BSL reading/writing/recovery. Also available to recovery ECU damaged by OBD. Required full flash (Read from FID 41 is suitable) full readout from OBD.
  • China Bosch MED17.8.10 Chery TC1782 CAN added to module China Bosch – reading/writing/checksums calculation
  • Ford Continental eSys CBP-C2 MPC5554 added to module Ford Continental Petrol CAN – reading/writing/checksums calculation
  • Added FID:349 Mazda Denso TCM SH72531 BENCH-CAN to module Denso SH72xxx BENCH CAN with reading/writing on bench and checksums calculation

Added support in existing families:

[Unique] Toyota Land Cruiser 300 3.3TD F33AFTV now supported with virtual read/write on the bench:

  • FID 235 used for virtual read/write ECM MCU
  • FID 236 used for virtual read/write TCM MCU

These families were renamed to Toyota Denso R7F701216 Type 2 MCU #0 and MCU #1, cause of support new vehicles.

Honda/Acura Keihin CAN now remade to support another ECU producers (Keihin, Matsushita, Panasonic, Hitachi, Continental) and renamed to Honda/Acura CAN

Supported ECUs:

  • Keihin SH7058 (1MB)
  • Keihin SH72543 (2MB)
  • Keihin MPC5554 (2MB)
  • Keihin TC1782 (2.5MB)
  • Keihin TC275 (4MB)
  • Keihin SPC564 (2MB)
  • Matsushita SH7058 (1MB)
  • Matsushita SH72543 (2MB)
  • Panasonic SH7058 (1MB)
  • Panasonic SH72543 (2MB)
  • Panasonic TC179x (4MB)
  • Hitachi SH72543 (2MB)
  • Hitachi MPC5554 (2MB)
  • Continental MPC5554 (2MB)

Module price was increased.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Mercedes Delphi CRD2 fixed writing on some vehicles
  • PSA Bosch EDC17C60 added support for more ECU types required patching, no additional actions required!
  • Improvements for Ford SID208 family stability
  • Remade logging system
  • Minor UI fixes and improvements

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