New module:

  • Isuzu Transtron with support for control units based on Renesas SH7058 / SH7059 / SH72533 / SH72544 processors. The module allows reading, writing and checking and checksums calculation.

New families:

  • [EXCLUSIVE] Ford Continental EMS2701 TC1791 added to module Ford Continental Petrol CAN with virtual reading/writing and checksums calculation.

Fixes and improvements:

  • [EXCLUSIVE] Bosch MG1CA094 with SPC572 added to module Bosch MD1/MG1 Bench with reading/writing/recovery/checksums calculation and EEPROM reading.
  • Some stability fixes for SIM2K-260 on SM2 devices.
  • Added support for Mazda Mitsubishi Gen4 M41 ECUs.

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