New modules:

Mazda SkyAktiv-G Petrol CAN added and ready for tests with following families:

  • Mazda Denso Gen3 SH72543 (read/write/cs calculation)
  • Mazda Denso Gen3 Crypto SH72543 (read/write/cs calculation)
  • Mazda Denso Gen4 Crypto MPC5746 (read/write/cs calculation)
  • Mazda Mitsubishi Gen3 CX9 MH8501 (read/write/cs calculation)
  • Mazda Mitsubishi Gen3 MH8501 (read/write/cs calculation)


GM ACDelco Petrol Gen2 CAN

Attention! This module does not support automatic authentication. It requires authentication key for every ECU/vehicle for reading/writing. Now supported:

  • GM ACDelco E92 Gen2 CAN (read/write/cs calculation)
  • GM ACDelco E39A Gen2 CAN (read/write/cs calculation)
  • More ECU types will be added ASAP.


New families:

  • Infiniti Delphi CRD3.XX TC1797 CAN (read/write/cs calculation) added to module MB Delphi Diesel CAN
  • China Delphi MT62.1 MPC5634 CAN (read/write) added to module China Delphi Petrol
  • China Delphi MT22.1 IAC MC9S12XEQ512 (read/write/cs calculation) added to module China Delphi Petrol
  • Hino EDC17CV41 TC1797 added to module Trucks/Industrial Bosch EDC17CV41 CAN (virtual read/write/cs calculation)

Improvements and fixes:

  • Added interface for manual entering key value for GM ACDelco Gen2
  • Minor fixes of UI interface


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