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£2,350.00 Exc. tax

Available on backorder (not in stock)

MASTER tool, reads/writes open BIN files.

This tool uses an annual subscription model for updates, support and online services. The first year is included, value 600 euros.

A valid subscription is not mandatory for use, however services which require subscription will not be available.

Master version with FULL TCU / GEARBOX protocols

Available on backorder (not in stock)



Gearfox-Tool, a revolutionary way to work on the latest generation gearboxes!

Possibility of reading and writing from the diagnostic socket (some models in full-mode), cloning the TCU on the bench, re-directing and coding the control unit without opening it, and again, soon the possibility of diagnosing the TCU with diagnosis and gearbox adaptation functions !
Our aim is to always offer the best for professionals in the sector.


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