Clearance: DL501 DSG to OBD2 Cable

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Clearance: DL501 DSG to OBD2 Cable

£85.00 £50.00 Exc. tax

In stock

Reduced to clear (see description for full info*)

This cable is compatible with CMD DSG BENCH MODE protocols!

In stock


This cable allows you to connect most flash tools to VAG DSG DL501 S-Tronic controllers.

Connections include power and CAN bus.

Includes OBD2 female adapter cable allows connection any flash tool and is fitted with heavy duty crocodile clips.

*Please note, this cable is missing the locking clip used to secure the cable to the TCU, however it is not required for programming (the cable will stay in place without this) and does not affect the function, hence it is reduced in price to clear!

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