CEE-Team Audi RB4 RB8 Crypto Plugin

CEE-Team Audi RB4 RB8 Crypto Plugin

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This software plugin supports Bosch RB4 and RB8 crypto dashboards fitted in the following vehicles:

Audi A4/S4/RS4   (2001-2008)
Seat Exeo   (2008-on)
Lamborghini Gallardo   (2001-on)

Only a small number of diagnostic devices have special features for working with these instruments clusters, some of them do not work properly, resulting in dashboard software failure and the dashboard shows messages “DEF“, “Error“, “L2-2” etc. The instrument panel stops working and in some cases the data from it is completely lost.

Recovery for most of these panels is a big problem. Our software and adapter is working correctly with these dashboards, and also allows you to recover your instrument cluster even in the event of total loss of EEPROM data.

The main features of the program:

  • Instrument cluster recovery. Elimination of errors “DEF”, “Error”
  • Odometer value change with an accuracy of ±1 km
  • Key learning and immobilizer data writing
  • EEPROM reading and writing
  • Dashboard swapping function. Data transfer from one instrument cluster to another.
  • All functions are working through the diagnostic connector OBD-II


This software also works with Bosch RB8 dashboards fitted in:

Volkswagen Touareg
Volkswagen Phaeton
Porsche Cayenne
Bentley Continental

Features: EEPROM reading and writing, mileage correction.

Please note, this product is a plugin for customers who already own the CEE-Team Special Interface.

For more info and a list of supported ECU’s, please visit the product page here.

Program has been tested on following dashboards:

8E0920900MX, 8E0920900NX, 8E0920900N, 8E0920900P, 8E0920900R, 8E0920901C, 8E0920901G, 8E0920930G, 8E0920930J, 8E0920930JX, 8E0920930K, 8E0920930KX, 8E0920930L, 8E0920930R, 8E0920930S, 8E0920930T, 8E0920930TX, 8E0920931, 8E0920931AX, 8E0920931B, 8E0920931C, 8E0920931D, 8E0920931E, 8E0920931L, 8E0920931M, 8E0920933X, 8E0920950E, 8E0920950F, 8E0920950H, 8E0920950HX, 8E0920950J, 8E0920950K, 8E0920950L, 8E0920950M, 8E0920950P, 8E0920950PX, 8E0920980L, 8E0920981G, 8E0920981GX, 8E0920981Q, 8H0920900A, 8H0920900G, 8H0920950L, 8E0920901D, 8E0920901E, 8E0920901H, 8E0920901J, 8E0920931D, 8E0920931E, 8E0920931N, 8E0920931P, 8E0920931Q, 8E0920932, 8E0920932A, 8E0920932K, 8E0920951G, 8E0920951L, 8E0920981N, 8E0920982C, 8E0920982F, 8H0920900L, 8E0920900B, 8E0920900E, 8E0920900FX, 8E0920900G, 8E0920900GX, 8E0920900H, 8E0920900HX, 8E0920900K, 8E0920900L, 8E0920900M