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The SuperVAG diagnostic system is available at a reduced price when purchasing special packages for immobiliser and instrument cluster programming!



Professional diagnostic tools for personal cars and light commercial vehicles specifically specialised in VW / Audi / Seat / Seat makes. Possibility to expand support to cover Peugeot and Citroen makes.

Provides you safely through all diagnostic procedures from reading trouble codes to testing the outputs of the control unit. Supports both the oldest and the newest controllers with the communication over K-Line and CAN-BUS. Clear graphical reports and regularly available updates.



    • Communicates via K-Line
    • Communicates via CAN
    • VAG UDS protocol now also supported

Basic functions:

  • Identification
  • Trouble codes reading / erasing – including graph printing.
  • Measured values reading – shows the values in the graphic form, includes logging.
  • Control unit output testing – selective and sequential actuator testing.
  • Adaptation – enables you individually harmonise some parameters of the control unit.
  • Basic settings – allows calibration of base settings in the control unit.
  • Login / Access control – authorisation for executing protected functions.
  • Coding – coding of the control unit depending on the car equipment.
  • Recommended solution procedures for the trouble codes.

Comfort and Immobiliser functions:

Comfort functions enable you to do some special procedures, which require enhanced knowledge. You can do these procedures now without the risk of damaging the control unit.

  • Automatic control unit detection.
  • Key programming.
  • Learning of new key remotes.
  • Immobiliser PIN code reading over K-Line/CAN in instrument clusters (can be used for ECU/Key adaption).
  • Immobiliser PIN code reading over K-Line/CAN in engine control units (can be used for ECU/Key adaption).
  • ALL KEYS Lost solution without soldering available for VAG Micronas and NEC based instrument clusters (requires SVG149 and SVG157 cables).
  • Reading / writing of immobiliser data in instrument clusters allows adaption of replacement instruments.
  • Automatic recording of all historic read data, which can be viewed at any time.
  • Resetting of service intervals (includes long intervals QG1, QG2).
  • Control unit adaptation – when switching the control unit or the immobiliser unit.
  • Start fuel amount by TDI – correction of the start fuel amount improves the warm start process.
  • Basic setting of the car lighting.
  • Regeneration of the particulate filter
  • Increase the starting dose for diesel engines VW EDC15 / 16

List of Supported Dashboards List of Supported ECUs

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Watch videos of SuperVAG Toolbox in action here.


Additional special functions can be added to expand the possibilities of your tool:

  • SVG_Toolbox


    • Eeprom reading/writing
    • Odometer recalibration
    • Cloning of control units
    • Cloning of immobilser
    • Airbag ECU reactivation
    • Automatic control unit detection
  • SVG_Flash


    • Chiptuning flash tool
    • OBD TPROT unlocking
    • VAS firmware writing
    • Safe writing technology
    • Individual block writing
    • File corruption checks
  • SVG_Updates


    • First calendar year subscription free
    • Regular software updates
    • Technical assistance inside program
    • Built in help files
    • Email / phone support
    • Low cost annual update fees

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